super zero®


The yarn’s characteristics are great for towels, but due to the high durability, "super zero®︎" is also great for clothing. Its light, crease resistant, easy to clean, has natural stretching properties and other functions.




A staff member, who develops fabrics for a European luxury brand, and has extensive experience in handling high-end materials has said that the 100% cotton "super zero®︎"yarn made scarf felt like it’s made from cashmere. "super zero®︎" is often used for towels due to its excellent absorbency and fluffy texture, but this method has the effect of changing and enhancing the texture of original material to something entirely new.

The yarn is especially compatible to knits in general and can be applied to fleece lining, pile fabric and other forms of circular knitting as well as knitwear and other forms of horizontal knitting.

For woven fabrics, the yarns expands from its original count, and this may be difficult to handle in comparison with the conventional yarn, however it is possible to maximize its characteristics to create groundbreaking textiles. Applications in various areas can be explored and challenged.




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